• Investment management is the core of our business.

  • Proprietary strategies have been developed to try to determine when to be in the market or out of the market by following the “trend” of each investment. The objective is to reduce downside risk of the overall portfolio and control the “fear factor”. Fear in itself is the single greatest destroyer of wealth. It can prevent us from doing things we want and need to do.

  • We constantly search for sound potential investment instruments for our client’s portfolio. Following fads or the latest gimmicks are not our style – doing what we believe is best for the client is.


  • Clients are facing a new kind of retirement. We all expect to live longer and want to live better. Yet many are working longer, taking care of aging parents, children/grandchildren or launching new careers. Our goal at Slayton Wealth Management is add clarity by answering your most concerning questions regarding money and living longer. We then estimate how long your current savings and income could last in retirement. Armed with this knowledge, we then establish a “process” to help pursue the retirement goal of having enough resources to live a comfortable life. Having a well constructed plan leads to confidence in the future. 


  • Financial Planning is about determining where you want to go financially and how to get there. Once a plan of direction is in place it needs to be periodically updated. Life happens – change is the only true constant and your plan needs to be adjusted accordingly. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional is on staff to help with this part of the financial process.


  • Planning for your future doesn't just involve planning for your life-time; it also involves planning for what will happen after you die. Will your family be well taken care of after you are gone? Have you planned to pass your wealth in the most efficient tax manner? Are your assets protected. Is your business succession plan in place? Will your favorite charity be included in the plan? At Slayton Wealth Management our financial professionals work closely with attorneys to help ensure the advice is aligned with your overall goals. This combined experience approach can help ensure your estate plan is complete.

  • Have you been named executor or executrix of an estate and have no idea of what is required? Do you know the process of managing an estate? While working closely with your attorney, the professionals at Slayton Wealth Management can provide support by helping with much of the estate administration process. Our combined knowledge, coupled with our coordinated approach can help ease the stress experienced by families at a great time of loss.

  • For many people, the majority of their investable assets are in qualified retirement plans held by their employer. As an employee, you are given a list of investment options. In many cases, employees are not educated enough to making investment selections and fear drives the decisions. At Slayton Wealth Management, we can work through a consulting arrangement to advise an employee on suitable investments. This is based on your goals, your time frame and your risk tolerance. The account and investments stay with your current employer, and the professionals at Slayton Wealth management work alongside you helping to accomplish your retirement goals

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values nor is past performance a guarantee of future results.